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Printers and Materials

Objet 260 Connex3 A versatile professional grade printer that has the capacity to print in multiple colors to produce smooth, detailed, high quality prints using PolyJet technology.
Materials: Able to mix materials and colors

Vero family
  • Clear
  • Cyan
  • Yellow
  • Magenta

Tango (Rubber like)

  • Clear

Cyan Yellow Magenta

-Cyan Yellow Magenta

Cyan Clear Magenta

-Cyan Clear Magenta

Cyan Clear Yellow

-Cyan Clear Yellow

Yellow Clear Magenta

-Yellow Clear Magenta

Fortus 250MC This professional grade printer builds durable, functional models using ABS plastic. The soluble support material gives the Fortus the ability to print complex models.
-Best for designs in need of durability