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Undergraduate Research Assistant Receives EURP


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Steven Wood, an undergraduate research assistant working with Dr. Wade Goodridge in Engineering Education has been awarded an EURP for this coming year to engage in research in spatial thinking.  Steven will work with over a year of collected spatial ability data to discover the significant gains student achieve in it after completing a Statics course.  Spatial ability includes the ability to mentally comprehend an object, diagram, model, etc. and be able to manipulate and visualize it in the mind.  Numerous studies have found strong evidence that supports the correlation of high spatial ability to success in STEM coursework and in careers, especially in engineering careers.  Other work has looked to refine the multiple constructs of spatial ability that are typically assessed on standard occupationally designed instruments.  However, this works leads other spatial cognition research by looking into how an individual engineering course enhances existing spatial ability.  Steven will be presenting his work at UCUR and NCUR in this upcoming year.