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REU Site Program


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REU Site: Self-Regulated Learning in Engineering Education

Funded by: National Science Foundation
(NSF Award No. 1262806)

PI: Ning Fang (
Co-PI: Oenardi Lawanto (



This ten-week summer program provides undergraduate students in a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) discipline with intensive experience in engineering education research, such as how learners’ experience, background, and perception play a role when they learn engineering knowledge and skills.  The program provides research experience for undergraduates (REU) and is not an internship.  The program is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and hosted by Utah State University (USU) in Logan, Utah, a beautiful city nestled between two mountain ranges.

The central focus of this summer research program is on self-regulated learning (SRL).  When confronted with a problem or task, a learner usually begins with generating thoughts, feeling, and actions to attain the best solution to that problem.  The self-generated thoughts, feeling, and actions are called self-regulated learning.  Numerous studies suggest that SRL is a significant predictor of a learner’s academic performance.  This ten-week program consists of a nine-week research on the USU campus (starting on June 9, 2014) and subsequent one-week at-home activities with research assignments.  During the program, REU students will work with faculty mentors and their graduate students on four emerging research projects that focus on self-regulated learning in engineering educationREU students will participate in workshops, a research symposium, and a rich variety of social and recreational activities.

Amount of funding: $287,497.00

Status: Started 2013

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