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Harry B. Santoso Receives Graduate Student Award

Harry B. Santoso received the Outstanding Engineering Education (EED) Graduate Student award for the academic year 2012-2013. Harry’s research investigates high school students’ self-regulated learning skills while engaged in interactive learning modules. Self-regulated learning is a strategy that defines how students set learning goals, establish strategies to achieve the goals, and assess whether the goals were achieved. His research focuses on computer self-efficacy, cognitive, and metacognitive strategies while students learn with the modules. This research hypothesizes that computer self-efficacy is positively correlated with cognitive and metacognitive strategies while the students are engaged with the modules. Data collection includes questionnaires, interview, and traces of student activity. Mixed method data analysis will be employed. The outcomes of this research will inform educators, researchers, and others of the importance of a self-regulated learning perspective when designing instruction using electronic modules.