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Newest USU Department Graduates First Doctoral Student

NEWS RELEASE, 05 09 2012
The Department of Engineering Education, the newest department in the College of Engineering, conferred the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering Education on their very first graduate student, Shaobo Huang. Her dissertation was on the predictive modeling and analysis of student academic performance in an Engineering Dynamics course.

A native of Penglai, China, Dr. Huang, began her doctoral studies and graduate research assistantship in the summer of 2009, under the direction of Dr. Ning Fang. Her aspirations and enthusiasm for the field were expressed clearly from her earliest contact with USU: “I long to study Engineering Education, become a professor in this field, share with my students my specialty knowledge, and guide them to quest and to create in Engineering Sciences. During this process, I hope I can promote engineering’s development by exploring new educational and practical approaches, integrating engineering with other subjects and studying interdisciplines’ mutual influences.”  

Dr. Fang mentored Huang through her doctoral program. He reflected, “Daisy (Shaobo) has been a diligent student during her study at USU. She learned how to quickly adapt to the new environment, and learned how to do engineering education research as compared with engineering research. I was impressed with her passion for engineering education as well as the efforts that she made in helping students learn better in foundational engineering courses.” 

“We are extremely pleased with the quality of students in our graduate program and Daisy is an excellent example,” says Department Head Kurt Becker. “She is top notch!! Our program continues to grow and we currently have 12 PhD students in the program. Four of these students will be graduating in the coming year.”

Dr. Huang remains enthusiastic about her chosen profession. “Three years of experience in [the] EED [department] leads me on the way to realizing my dream: become a professor in Engineering Education and help students be better prepared for their careers in Engineering.” She is currently working as a postdoctoral fellow for the National Center for Engineering and Technology Education (NCETE), and is actively pursuing faculty positions in the United States.