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2nd World Engineering Education Forum (WEEF)

The central theme of the 2012 World Engineering Education Forum (WEEF) held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the week of October 12th, was “Engineering Education for Sustainable Development and Social Inclusion”.  Approximately 1,100 participants from over 37 countries attended, consisting of professors, deans, students, experts, corporate and government representatives who are deeply interested in the progress and innovative practices in the fields of engineering, engineering education, and technology.
This global event brought together some of the best of engineering educators in the world, including Dr. Kurt Becker from the Department of Engineering Education at Utah State University. The forum was organized in response to the expressed interest and recognition among the leaders and members of many leading global engineering education societies of the need to collaborate, to learn from one another, to share engineering related expertise and cutting-edge research activities, and to diminish the regional isolation among many professionals. 
Organizers hope the outcomes from forum discussions will be to identify policies and strategies that contribute to sustainable development and social inclusion in education. Engineering education has a fundamental role in achieving these goals, not only by addressing them in engineering courses syllabi, but also by increasing the number and diversity of students. According to Dr. Becker, the EED 7500 Internationalizing Institutions of Higher Education course that he teaches is addressing many of the issues currently being raised at the global forum.