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Metacognitive Research presented at the ASEE Conference 2011

EED USU Metacognitive Research presented at the ASEE Conference 2011

Two papers about metacognition were presented at the ASEE Conference 2011 in Vancouver, BC, Canada (June 26 - 29, 2011). The first paper entitled Task Interpretation and Self-Regulating Strategies in Engineering Design Project: An exploratory study, was written by Dr. Oenardi Lawanto, Dr. Wade Goodridge, and Harry Santoso (PhD student). The second paper entitled A Preliminary Study of Conducting Semi-Structured Interview as Metacognitive Assessment in Engineering Design: Issues and Challenges was written by two of our doctoral students, Harry Santoso and Raymond Boyles, in collaboration with Dr. Oenardi Lawanto, and Dr. Wade Goodridge. Dr. Lawanto & Dr. Goodridge are faculty members of the Department of Engineering Education (EED) at Utah State University (USU). While the first paper was presented at a paper presentation session (, the second paper was presented at poster session (

The first paper evaluates the extent to which students’ task interpretation of the design project is reflected in their working plans and monitoring/regulating strategies. The second paper discusses students' activities that reflect their metacognition, and suggests what preparation should be undertaken during a semi-structured interview.