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Huntsman Environmental Research Center (HERC)

Position: Engineering Education Coordinator (Ron Sims – PI)


HERC funding is used to develop environmental engineering curriculum materials for ENGR 2270 – Computer Engineering Drafting. ENGR 2270 is required by all students in biological engineering, environmental engineering, and civil engineering. In the past assignment for this course were structured to meet the need of the civil engineering students and the assignments dealt with topics such as structures, concrete, and roads. As there is a growing number of students in the course from the environmental and biological engineering programs it is important to meet their needs and interests to keep them engaged in the course. To modify the course to meet the needs of the environmental and biological students, this past year we started creating new assignments that focus on environmental and biological engineering topics. Last year we developed six new assignments for use in the class. These assignments are currently being used in the course and include the topics of:

  • Environmental Treatment Plants
  • Environmental medicine - Ankle bone plate
  • Solar Water Heaters
  • Waste Water Treatment – Bio-Filters
  • Photovoltaic Cells
  • Animal and Plant Cells

Department of Engineering Education Funding Amount: $13,000
Duration of Project: On-Going since 1993