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Northwest Accreditation Program Assessment

The Doctorate of Philosophy in Engineering Education is offered through the Department of Engineering Education. An emphasis is placed on utilizing educational research methods and skills to investigate educational problems affecting engineering and the larger STEM community. This program produces doctoral students with proficiency in developing engineering education research skills and expertise in research into how those skills are best learned and taught.Ph.D. in Engineering Education Graduate Program

Program graduates are expected to: 

  • Be proficient in the theory and practice of engineering education and are adept at these aspects within their specific areas of engineering specialization
  • Have the ability to conduct rigorous research in engineering education in five broad areas including engineering epistemologies, engineering learning mechanisms, engineering learning systems, engineering diversity and inclusiveness, and engineering assessment
  • Be competitive in developing high-quality proposals for educational research
  • Develop and compose scholarly articles for journal and conference publications
  • Have the ability to develop, implement, and assess engineering curricula at the P-12 and/or university levels

Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of the department is shown in the following chart:

Department organization